Wednesday, June 13, 2012


It's only half way through 2012 and I've already been to so many new places this year.  This past weekend was spent in Atlanta & Augusta seeing family.  On my flight home I realized that since February I've taken five rountrip flights.  My resolutions for 2012 definitely included more traveling.  Although I've thoroughly enjoyed all of my trips, I feel like I've barely spent a night in my apartement just relaxing.  I miss seeing my friends regularly and having an easy work week, which doesn't happen if I'm going to be heading out of town.  I think I need a few weeks of staying put in the city to get back on track.

As the midpoint for this year approaches, I decided I should probably check in with my resolutions and I realize that I've done half and I may just be halfway through the best year of my life. 

1. Make at least 25% of my clothing purchases vintage and/or "made in America"
Hasn't been too hard since I've barely made any clothing purchases. 

2. Visit a new American city
Check. (Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, Ft. Lauderdale, and Miami)

3. Visit a new foreign country
(Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland)

4. See Book of Mormon on Broadway
5. Pay off 20% of the principal balance of my student loans.

6. Get item #4 from my fashion bucket list
Check.  I got the Burberry London Double Breasted Short Trench Coat and I'm lovin it.

7. Do one of the following: sky diving, heli-skiing, white water rafting, hang gliding, or ziplining

8. Maintain my weight. I've done it for two years now so I'm feeling pretty confident.

9. Do NOT buy more than two pair of Kate Spade Karolinas.
I haven't purchased any but I really want the multi glitter.

10. Attend a professional football game
11. Go skinny dipping
12. Get great seats for a concert of one of my favorite artists
13. Read this book I bought months ago about Esther that's supposed to be a really good Bible study

14. Attend a show at the Metropolitan Opera House
Thanks to my friend A I was able to see Macbeth!

15. Help at least two kids improve their reading
only one so far

16. Try Peruvian food just cause I never have
17. Learn how to hem my own pants

18. Explore a secret part of New York City
19. Go see the Frick Collection
20. Stop doing things I don't really want to do just to make other people happy.

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