Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Classic

After Christmas I checked out a new (to me) boutique in Atlanta, Ann Mashburn.  It was cozy and colorful and right up my alley.  I got this.
     Saint James Minquier (Made in France)

I can't wait to wear it over short shorts and a tank top on summer nights. The XS is still ridiculously huge so I think it looks best paired with something super tight or super short. In order to hold myself accountable to my resolution that no less than 25% of my clothing purchases be made in America and/or vintage, I am going blog about where every single item of clothing I buy was made. Hopefully I will get so tired of it that I will just stop buying clothes altogether. Not! I made four additional clothing purchases while down south for Christmas: (1) vintage Seven for all Mankind jeans (made in Mexico), (2) vintage Citizen of Humanity jeans (made in USA, but with imported denim), (3) vintage James denim skirt (made in USA), and a (4) green t-shirt from Anthropologie (made in USA). That's 60% vintage, 60% made in the USA. So far so good.

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