Thursday, July 7, 2011

Big Homes in the Smallest State

Last weekend I was supposed to go to Nantucket, but ended up in Newport, RI instead. It's a beautiful New England town that I'd never visited. While there we went to see the famous Vanderbilt mansion, Breakers. It was enormous and exquisite. I once lived in a house with over 20 rooms. It could not compare to this place with it's intricate design features and construction. We couldn't take pictures inside these places so I just got images from google. They are bad. I am lazy.

We also went to Rosecliff. I was particularly excited because the Robert Redford version of The Great Gatsby was filmed there. I actually preferred it to Breakers.

People can still have parties there. According to the audio tour, a man once rented the entire place for himself and his wife on their anniversary. How romantic! After 11 years of apartment living, I can admire the beauty of these homes, but my aspiration remains a Classic 6, or 7.

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