Thursday, January 6, 2011


Lost In Translation. Hated it.
Somewhere. Liked it.

As my friend J says, these rich kids like Sofia Coppola are painfully self-indulgent when it comes to there "art." J hated it but I liked it because it gave me a little window into Chateau Marmount, a place that has always fascinated me. I can't say I would recommend this movie. There's not a lot of dialogue. It mostly captures mundane moments of a rich spoiled actor's life (Stephen Dorff). The most captivating parts involve the daughter (Elle Fanning) he neglects. Award season is here and I've only seen cartoons. Did I mention that I watched Toy Story 3 with my sister and balled like a little baby. I wasn't even hormonal. It was bananas. That's my vote for Best Picture. So far anyway.

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