Tuesday, January 18, 2011


It's difficult to do much besides eat and watch movies when the city is so nasty outside. So I've been spending my weekends doing a little of both. I went to see True Grit about a week ago with a few friends. I heard it was a western so I was really dreading it. Much to my surprise the story revolves around a young lady trying to avenge her father's death. I was hooked from the beginning. When I heard western, for some reason I pictured Brokeback Mountain aka The Most Boring Movie I Have Ever Sat Through In My Entire Life. Fortunately, there was lots of dialogue. Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon were funny and awesome.

This past weekend I went to Cafeteria for the first time. I had a Passion Palmer, a little variation on one of my favorite drinks, the Arnold Palmer, that replaces lemonade with passion fruit juice. Yummy. I also had their much raved about mac & cheese. It was delicious and I am craving more as I write this. I also had a generous slice of red velvet cake. Who know why it has taken me so long to go there. I will definitely be back soon. P.S. The waiters are hot and wear suspenders.

Then I went to see the Black Swan. I hate Natalie Portman, but I love Mila Kunis. This movie was a bit ridiculous and it's overhyped. I am fascinated by ballerinas though. I lived with 3 when I was in Minneapolis and it was lots of fun. Whoever did the footwork for Natalie's character was amazing.

So far 2011 is looking like a fun year, even if spent mostly indoors.

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