Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I've Got My Hopes Set High

There's an Amy Grant song that goes "I've got my hope set high. That's why I came tonight." That is me all the time. I try with all my might to set low expectations and not get my hopes up. It's not possible. Every time I head out for a party, a night out, or a date, I always have high hopes. No amount of trying to trick myself out of disappointment works. I can feel myself doing it all over again now. I'm excited. I'm excited over nothing really. I know in my head that it's foolish, yet there is this part of me that wants to believe that being happy and in love could be in my immediate future.

When you are single, people will always believe it is your fault and that there is something wrong with you. They are wrong. Nonetheless, one of the things I liked about being in a relationship was the lack of judgment from people who are in them. It's been a year and a half almost. I think I'm due for some wish fulfillment.

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~S~ said...

really liked this post. I'm with you, I always have my hopes set high. Sure, sometimes there's disappointment, but I'd rather be optimistic than pessimistic (although, I'm that too at times). Keep pressing forward!