Sunday, August 16, 2009

Southampton. Check.

This weekend I did a lot of cool things. I went to Fire Island and Southampton for the first time. Fire Island is so cool. You just walk around on this little boardwalk everywhere. The deer there will come right up to you. I have never been so close to a deer before. I wish that I had my camera. It was nice there and I love to be on the beach when its scorching hot.

I knew I loved Southampton when I discovered that Main street had a Brooks Brothers, J Crew and a Lilly store called Splash of Pink where I found these on SALE:
Morgan Dress Printed Slub

Bidi Tank in yellow

On the dress it says Lilly in tiny pink cursive at two places on the front and two places on the back. I love those details. My burnt orange dress says Lilly on the seem inside the dress over and over and its these little touches that just make my day a little brighter.

So that leaves 9 destinations left on my list.

I also went to the Kate Spade outlet in Riverhead where I got my sister a very tiny gift that I won't discuss because I want it to be a surprise. I found the black Kate Spade organza petals shift dress and a cute shirt by someone named Virgina Johnson. I googled her. She has done illustrations for Kate Spade's books. I totally like some of her other clothes. If I ever open pink and greenlee then I may include her among the brands as she seems to have some cute yellow, green, and blue options. If I lived near a Kate Spade outlet I would likely lose my mind. I wanted every piece of clothing I saw. As I have said in the past, Kate Spade is my absolute favorite. I was a little too overwhelmed to take it all in.

Finally, I got these and a white cardigan at J Crew.
Lacoste 2 Button Stretch Pique Polo

Lacoste Stretch Pique Drawtring Skirt

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molecularshyness said...

un cadeau por mois? ma petite soeur, tu es tellement gentil. je t'aime.