Wednesday, August 12, 2009

10 places I should have visited already

I don't know if I mentioned in my post about my Independence Day weekend, that I hung out around the Brown campus in Providence. That was my first time to ever go to Rhode Island. I have this whole thing about wanting to visit all 50 states by the time I turn 50. I am definitely of the mindset that seeing my [entire] country is far more important than seeing any of the foreign ones. Rhode Island took me to 31 states thus far. So I have a few years to fit these in: Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Washington, Wyoming. If I average 1 state a year I should be ok.

I have compiled a new list of 10 places I would like to go before I turn 30. Now this is a huge feet seeing as I only have a couple years to go. Nevertheless, they are all places I should have visited by now. I really can't blame my lack of funds. It's sheer laziness - and the fact that leaving Manhattan gives me hives.

10. The Kentucky Derby. I just want to wear the hat.

9. West Palm Beach. I've always wanted to visit, but I've never gotten down that far south in Florida. Watching Privileged all last year really made me want to visit.

8. Mount Rushmore. I wanted to go while I was living in Minnesota since it does border South Dakota. However, it would have been a eight hour journey and I prefer not to drive. I'm so into

7. Hong Kong. Disney Land.

6. Nantucket. I totally watched Wings growing up (as soon as my bedtime was extended to 10:00.)

5. Las Vegas. I want to go see Mariah there next month so badly.

4. The Hamptons. I moved to New York 9 years ago this month and I have never been. Weird huh? I have been to Paris, London, and Rome since I moved here, but not "the beach" as people in my neighborhood like to call it.

3. Nashville. I love country music and it's a crime that I have never been.

2. Germany aka the mother land. Is it wrong that I've been to Britain, France, and Italy, but not the country my ancestors left 300 years ago in pursuit of religious freedom?

1. The Masters.
I was born in Augusta. I used to live around the corner from the Augusta Country Club which borders the National. I should probably attend this momentous sporting event one of these days.


molecularshyness said...

hopefully we can do Germany next year...and I wouldn't mind Vegas in Oct, either - if you can swing it...

we can talk about it in HH.

and wow - you've been to 5 more states than me now? You're doing well. I've been thinking about visiting Seattle sometime...what do you think?

jmg311 said...
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molecularshyness said...

eh - i also have no interest in Miami - you know I don't like to be hot.