Thursday, August 13, 2009

10 things that make me go ewww

10. pathological liars. I am tolerant of the occasional lie. Nevertheless, I have 0 tolerance for people who habitually lie. I cut them off.

9. when guys sit with their legs spread wide open despite limited space. As my sister overheard a woman say on the subway, "We could all sit down if these guys would close their legs."

8. when guys scratch/readjust themselves. I will never get used to it and I wish they would wait until they are alone. It seems like a private activity in my opinion.

7. indiscreet people. I keep secrets forever if I like people. Now if someone is not a friend of mine then I have been known to get a case of verbal diarrhea. I think it's very important to be discreet. I enjoy being in the know, so I listen a lot more than I share. Although they hate to admit it, guys can be huge gossips. I try not to tell guys anything because they cannot keep it to themselves. In fact I often feed them information just because I want it to be spread around.

6. questions/comments about physical flaws. I am of the mindset that pointing out peoples' physical imperfections or inquiring about them is rude. These friends are nice, but I never even notice their flaws until they point out mine. Why would someone whose parents didn't care enough about her to get her braces as a child criticize my teeth? Why would someone with mouth herpes comment on my pimple? To put it in Biblical terms, don't point out the speck in my eye before removing the plank in your own!

5. disloyalty

4. most Coach and Louis Vuitton bags. This is because they are ubiquitous. Why do grown people want to own the same bag as every thirteen year old girl walking through the Augusta Mall? [and every other mall in anywhere, USA]

3. unsolicited advice. Lately, I have been getting a lot of unsolicited advice from friends. Some relates to the job search, but the much more irksome relates to my style/appearance. Actually it's just my church friends. This relates to number 5. I just don't know how to tell people that I find their advice to be insulting. I ask for advice often from appropriate people. I ask relationship advice from people whose relationships/relationship style I respect. I ask style advice of people whose style I admire.

I am purposefully low maintenance. My mom raised me that way and it has saved me a lot of time and money. Instead of wearing makeup I focus on keeping my skin clean and smooth. During law school I had skin problems due to stress and lack of sleep. I have gotten this largely under control with a lot of effort and that is what I consider most important. Furthermore, I know I don't spend as much money on hair care as other girls, but I believe I spend my money wisely. I purchased laser hair removal for my upper lip and it has worked well. I feel like who people make suggestions to me are not considering that I may be concentrating on more pressing needs. I would rather have a few strays than a mustache. I have curly hair type 3A. (straight hair is 1, wavy is 2 and super curly is 3C.) I have always gotten advice on my hair from people with type 1 or 3c hair. Their advice always assumes that different hair types can achieve the same look. This is not necessarily true. People with straight hair don't understand that their hair is shiny because it is straight and light reflects more easily off of a straight line, not because it is more healthy. Hair is dead. It will never be healthy. Finally, the reason that I like preppy style is that it is simple and classic. I have no desire to wear trendy clothes.

What is a polite way to say: "If I want your advice I will ask for it."???

I must say that I welcome good advice from people who know what they are talking about even if it is unsolicited. Thank God my friend M told me I needed to pluck my eyebrows back when I was 12. I was looking crazy.

2. foreign accents (with the exception of British and Australian ones). This might not be PC but it is the truth and according to John 8:32 will set me free.

1. status updates on facebook. Twitter is less offensive because the people who sign up actually care about the minutia of your day. Status updates on facebook on the other hand are just obnoxious, presumptuous, and insipid. Ever since twitter got popular people have been treating status updates on facebook as if they are on twitter. Stop. Please move it to twitter.

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