Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Lilly Suprise

I got a call when I was Atlanta telling me I had two packages that I needed to pick up. I wasn't expecting anything but I came home to find not 2, but 3 packages full of wonderful surprises.

Lilly Pulitzer "Caroline" Bouganville Dress
Lilly Pulitzer Wave Blue Shrunken Polo
Lilly Pulitzer Shell Pink Shrunken Polo
Lilly Pulitzer Palm Green Shrunken Polo

Plaid Georgette Top by Tulle

Vintage Cream Silk Top by French Connection

There was also a beautiful Lilly Pulitzer Georgette Sunshine plaid pleated skirt and a brown pleated skirt by Jennifer Reale Design but I couldn't find a pictures. I used to joke in college that my fashion sense was so bad that my sister just sent me all my clothes in the mail. But it's not a joke. And it's still happening.

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molecularshyness said...

seriously? you used to say that? that's hilarious! but for reals: you look way hotter in that blouse than that model. glad you're enjoying them!