Saturday, October 17, 2015

Lady Liberty

I moved to the city fifteen years ago this August and I had every intention of soaking up all that the city had to offer.  From the arts, to the music scene, historical sights and more, I have never wasted to miss a thing.  That second Tuesday morning of my second year at NYU I had all the time in the world and lived under the guise that this stuff would always be around.  So when I looked out the window and saw the Twin Towers on fire I started to realize you can't just take these for granted.  Not only had I not made it down to the WTC my freshman year, but then they decided to close the Statue of Liberty to visitors as well.  When it finally opened back up, I made it my resolution to go every year and then Hurricane Sandy happened.  

It finally opened again, but apparently crown tickets have to be ordered several months in advance.  So just this week, at 37 weeks pregnant, I scaled 186 narrow steps to scratch another line off my NYC Bucket list.  I have always been enamored by this statue and the story of how it was gifted from the French.  It was pretty cool to be up in something that old. We went to Ellis Island after and looked around, although the documents were removed because of hurricane damage.  My ancestor
s didn't come through Ellis Island anyway, although they did warrant mentions. 

They try to make you think the climb is super arduous, but it is not.  The hard part is waiting for the ferry back to the city.  
Up in the crown
Bottom of the pedestal

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