Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Stockpile Savings

So I've been reading up on diaper stockpiling as a way to save money and it's very confusing. Some people say you don't need newborn diapers and some people say you need over 250. Well I've decided to settle for 163 after today's spontaneous Walgreen's purchase.  While looking for some dark chocolate during a break from work today, which I didn't get by the way, I stumbled upon a 90% off shelf.  


For a grant total of $1.58 I got infant formula (1.04) and 42 store brand newborn diapers (.54).  All this time I'd been researching ways to save for baby, but as usual the best savings came when I wasn't even looking.  I've been stockpiling honest, babyganics, and seventh generation, but for approximately .01 a diaper I figure I'll take my chances and hope baby's skin isn't super sensitive.  I can't believe this is my life now.  

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