Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Heathers the Musical

This weekend we went to see Heathers the Musical Off Broadway.  I would give it five stars.  It was pretty much the movie, but more comedic and with singing.  I loved this movie so so so much when I saw it.  The show definitely captured all the best scenes and lines from the movie and I can't imagine anyone being disappointed.  I've never seen a show with an audience filled almost entirely with thirty-somethings.  It was an awesome time and if you go to TKTS like we did it's only $46 a person. So worth it. 
We also went to brunch at Stanton Social.  Brunch is soooooo much better than dinner.  I will never go there for dinner again.  We got the pierogies which I'd had at dinners there, but we also had oreo pancakes, the best juevos rancheros I've ever had, and delicious blintzes.  I can't wait to have another occasion to go there.

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