Friday, May 9, 2014

A Mystery To Me

My nook is having a breakdown, but I did manage to get through Dead Between the Lines anyway.  It's so hard to wait for these books when the authors only come out with one per year.  Throw in the Trowel was awesome as are all the flower shop mysteries.  I love how the stages of Abby Knight's relationship have coincided so closely with mine from engagement through newlywed phase.
Due to my impatience with these authors' writing schedules, I recently started several new mystery series and here is one that I adore.

After being fired from her librarian position at Yale only to come home to find her fiance in the throws with his student, Lindsey moves to Briar Creek to head up its small town library.  Lucky for me, Lindsey keeps happening upon bodies.  She could be a better detective for my taste, but alas it's the thrill of her almost dying at the end of every books that really hooks me.  Too bad the next installment in the series won't be out until November.

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