Sunday, December 15, 2013

Made for TV

I love Christmas movies, even those terrible ones that come on the Hallmark Channel and ABC Family. Nothing is too cliche or cheesy.  They always have some dried up actresses that I love.  A few I've watched this season . . . 
Tori Spelling sings All I Want For Christmas is You badly.  Tia Mowry murders Chistmas, Baby Please Come Home.  It was a pleasure.
This is just a slightly different version of a movie you have seen at least twenty times.  Orphan kids live with their poor but attractive aunt until their rich grandfather and literal prince of an uncle invite them to the castle and embrace them.
I will literally watch anything with a 90210 alum.  I love Shannen Doherty for some inexplicable reason. 
A Jewish boy switches places with another kid because he desperately wants to celebrate the holiday and finds that Christmas really is for everyone.

Apparently I missed this one when it premiered back in 2011.  Loser boyfriend breaks up with the leading lady the day before Thanksgiving so she has to scramble to find a fake fiance to take home with her for the holidays.  Of course the fake fiance marries her by Christmas and you know this will happen from the beginning.  It's still fun to watch.

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