Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Reading

I've found two new mystery series to fill my time while waiting for flower shop mysteries to come out.  The first, the Scumble River Mysteries by Denise Swanson, is about a 30 something mid-western high school psychologist who solves murders.  I've read two books in the series so far and they can get pretty scary at the climax.
The next series is not the norm for me because the 20 something protagonist is vacuous and beyond shallow.  Nonetheless, Dorothy Howell keeps drawing me in for these Haley Randolph mysteries and I always find myself rooting for Haley, wrong or right.  I would appreciate it if the author was more thorough in her fashion research, but her writing is definitely entertaining.  
Now, I'm about half way through The 5 Love languages and I am learning a lot.  I would definitely recommend this to other engaged couples.  Another couple recommended it to us and I'm so glad they did.  I learned that my love language is Quality Time. 


Jammie said...

Girl, you are on a roll with the books! How do you find them? I read (well sorta, didn't get all the way through :)) the 5 Love Languages, too! Mine was acts of service.

preppylawyer said...

We found it to be so helpful. Mine was quality time. I just go on Amazon and enter a book I like and then look through the suggestions that show up like "people who read this also read . . ."