Sunday, August 8, 2010

Food Coma and the City

I love trying out new places in the city. And I love to eat. So this weekend was a good one. My friend B introduced me and some of our friends to a new (to me) Italian restaurant and a new nook in the city. Situated behind a bridge in West Harlem at 135th street and 12th avenue is a delicious authentic Italian place called Covo.
The pasta is homemade and the crowd seems to be from all parts of the city. I had the spinach gnocchi with mozzarella and marinara sauce. It was amazing. I was full half way through but I just kept plugging away because it was absolutely delectable. There is a lounge upstairs and a couple big clubs down the street. I don't know how this area evaded me for 10 years. Actually I do. I never go as high as 135th street, nor as far as 12th avenue. Now that I have relocated to the Upper West Side I am realizing that there is an entire half of Manhattan that I know nothing about. This makes me anxious because I simultaneously want to vacate New York yet yearn to explore and revive my love affair with this city. Just on the other side.

Today I met up with my friend J and her fellow dentist friend L and went here for brunch. It's across from my favorite crepe place but I've never gone. I need to branch out more because it was yummy.
Then J took us to the Black Hound for cakes.
Sorry J. The cake was good but at 7.50 for a small cake. That don't impress me much. Still so happy to have tried something new out. And all cakes are a good thing for me.

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