Monday, February 8, 2010

The Simple Life

People in the city are awesome, but I am starting to realize how out of wack the value systems of most people here really are. I've always defended urban people to rural and suburban folk. I love how sophisticated and cosmopolitan city people are and I get offended when people talk smack about them. The thing is that people here are more susceptible to being driven by money, sex, and achievement to the point of obsessions. It's really sad and I am just now accepting that it is the truth. I moved to NYC 9 and a half years ago, and for the most part I have stayed true to my conservative southern upbringing. Nevertheless, I have succumb to the achievement obsession that is so prevalent here. I get a high every time I accomplish something new career wise. But then the high goes away and I am looking for what I can achieve next. This has been a particularly dangerous obsession for me to have when the economy is crappy and it's much more difficult to achieve through hard work. I think I am getting over it though. I'm realizing that what I really want is a simple life with a few true friends. I am tired of the always wanting more. What I really want to achieve is a sense of security so deep, that if I lose everything (job, bf, money) that I still feel satisfied in just being myself.

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