Wednesday, February 10, 2010


There is no purple in my wardrobe. I am one of the fortunate few who can pull off any color, whether it be beige, yellow, dark brown, or teal. Purple has always been my sister's favorite color, but I just don't get it. I've even gotten over my distaste for orange lately and have started adding that to my wardrobe. I don't think I will ever come around, but if I had to . . .

Kate Spade Charm City Ostrich Maryanne

LL Bean Lightweight Linen Shirt

Kate Spade Garden Party Reina Dress

J Crew Petite Palmera Ruffle Cami

Burberry Check Silk Organza Skirt

Yeah for those I might change my mind. I am having blogger issues. I apologize.

1 comment:

molecularshyness said...

that KS bag is *fab* - I love it so much! I would never wear it since I don't have occasion to, but wow - it's so great!

It would be so sweet to carry with the dress. and i can 100% see you in the linen shirt or the cami. So dive in! Purple is so fetch!