Sunday, January 3, 2010

I Heart Cheese

Today I was really bad. I melted lots of cheddar cheese over pretzels, put tomatoes on top and ate it. Yummy. I also had my favorite sandwich: fresh mozzarella, tomato @ basil from Cosi's. While I should be phasing cheese out of my diet, I keep craving cheese-its and all sorts of other cheesy snacks. Ugh. It's bad for your skin and bad when you are on the edge of being sick, like I am right now. At least I didn't eat a whole pack of mint milanos today. I will save the for tomorrow.

1 comment:

molecularshyness said...

i'm right there with ya - I wish I would've thought of putting tomatoes on top of the cheese covered pretzels. you are a food genius!

and enjoy the Cosi's for me too - I miss those TBMs.