Friday, January 15, 2010

Good Friday

I'm really proud of myself because I just put saying no into practice. Even though I was brought up to always say yes to anything asked of you at church, I turned down a position that I wasn't ready to take on. This year I really want to do what I want without feeling bad about not living up to other people's desires or expectations. I hate disappointing people, but I don't want to wait till I'm my parents age not to worry about what other people think anymore.

This morning my dad asked me for a birthday list. I am far too old for this but the life of a contract attorney is rough right now, so I am making one, tacky or not.
J Crew Perfect-Fit Long-Sleeve Crewneck Tee in every color. I have like 6 of these shirts already but you can never have too many. They fit so well. They cover your butt if your jeans ride low and I love the extra long sleeves.
Britney Spears: The Singles Collection Box Set

Navy Fleece Welly socks to go with the yellow Hunter Wellies I got for Christmas. I love yellow and navy together.
Green Kate Spade Big Apple Stacy Wallet

Vineyard Vines - University of Minnesota Classic Tote

But what I really truly want is a job with health insurance, an apartment I can afford, loyal friends, true love, a painting or two from my dad's massive collection, and a quilt made just for me.

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thepreppyprincess said...

Love your list, including the one that didn't have photos!

Sending you a smile,