Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm a Writer

As the document review is quite mindless and not as steady as I would like, I have decided to legitimize my lack of permanent employment by becoming a writer. I guess I have always been a writer according to my professors, my family, and the audiences (with painfully low standards) that applaud my spoken word. I've never been one to identify that way, but that changes now. The easy part was naming the cast of characters and producing the outline. The writing part is a little scary. Ok a lot scary since all I've studies is finance, economics, marketing, and law. I still haven't decided if I want it to just be chick lit or church chick lit. Decisions decisions. I know it will be a lot of work but I'm excited.


molecularshyness said...

I'm SO excited! I will totally be your editor, if you want. [I love editing.]

Anonymous said...

...and i will totally be a reader. happy that you're doing this. my writing and editing skills are lacking, but i do enjoy me some chick lit... despite my lack of willingness to admit it :) can't sleep so i'm catching up on various things... like reading your blog. happy belated thanksgiving. - jen