Sunday, May 31, 2015


So I've been going to withdrawal from all my shows being over so I've added a new one, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt or, as my husband calls it, Suzie Schmidt.  Obviously I adore shows that take place in the city, but this one is especially bright and funny.  Even her outfits are colorful.  I have a feeling I will run through these episodes super quickly.  

I am not looking forward to work tomorrow after a week of rest and relaxation.  I spent the last week doing yoga, swimming and cleaning out my closet. I spent the weekend catching up with friends.   I know I keep saying this but I need a four hour work week.  Maybe  I am just really burnt out.


~S~ said...

I loved this show! Have you tried Friday Night Lights or Damages? I've recently re-watched both (still watching Damages) and really enjoy it, tho Damages is much darker. Also, I loved Giuliana Rancic's book even if she is not a great writer, and I really enjoyed Unbroken (very depressing but redemptive).

preppylawyer said...

I haven't watched either, but thanks for reminding me about Damages. I wanted to watch that but forgot. I need more shows for the summer since VEEP is almost over and I'm almost done with Kimmy Schmidt. I didn't know Giuliana wrote books. I'm seeing a couple by her that I will have to check out.