Monday, March 23, 2015


This month I went to Ft. Lauderdale and met my new nephew.  Then I moved from the Upper East Side back downtown, finally.  I've also just been super sleepy and those are my excuses for not posting.  
Pentatonix @ the Theater at Madison Square Garden
Last week I returned to the site of my NYU Stern graduation to see the best group to come out of NBC's The Sing-Off.  Pentatonix is absolutely amazing.  This is the type of concert for people who have a great ear for music and can truly appreciate accapella singing. Pentatonix is the most perfect group that has ever been assembled.  Each member is so uniquely talented and they complement each other in a manner I had never before witnessed.  They did some great Ariana Grande covers.  My favorite song was their encore of That's Christmas To Me which they did with no mics.

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Jammie said...

I heart heart HEART Pentatonix! I even got Bjorn into them, and now he's an even bigger fan than I am. :D