Friday, April 19, 2013

Funny Girl

This book was not laugh out loud funny, but funny in the this woman proclaims all my innermost thought out loud without a hint of embarrassment type of way.  I will now recount my favorite ever scene from The Office, where Mindy was one of the main writers.  

Kelly: Who's Bob Hope?

Michael: God. He's a comedian.
Kelly: Oh, like Amanda Bynes.
Michael: Who's Amanda Bynes?
Kelly: She's from What A Girl Wants.
Michael: Oh, I love that movie. Yes, Kelly is right. The person to replace me has to have a great sense of humor and they have to possess the leadership qualities of a Bynes or a Hope.

The Mindy Project is my favorite sit-com on tv right now.  Kelly Kapoor was by far my favorite character on the office and I like Mindy even better.  I feel a deep kinship with other women who sit around listening to Broadway soundtracks and understand Amanda Bynes to be one of the great comedians of our time.  Plus, I love smart women.  Smart women are really the best kind.  I desperately hope everyone watches this show and it will never be cancelled.


Jammie said...

I love Mindy Kaling! She makes me laugh so hard. The Mindy Project is a great show --- I like her lines and how she delivers them. :D Huzzah for smart women!

preppylawyer said...

You can see the Mindy Project?! Oh i guess you can watch online. Somehow I think you are gone from the world because you are out of the country.