Monday, July 23, 2012

Keep it in the Closet

One of my goals for next year is to move into a nicer apartment.  After roughing it in my tiny one bedroom for almost two years, there is only so much more I can take.  In addition to purging my storage unit and apartment of all the crap I know I don't like or need, I am constantly scoping out ideas for how to make my next space super organized.  My number one wish for my next home is to have one of those custom closets.

The Container Store Elfa Decor Classic Reach-In 1402.68

Walmart John Louis Inc. 12" Deep Premier Closet Organizer 419.99

 Ikea Stolmen 3 Sections 560.00
The Ikea one is not my absolute favorite, but I love that it is adjustable to that you can make full use of the wall from floor to ceiling.  That is something you always have to think about in Manhattan. These options would only house 1/3 of my clothing needs and the goal is for me to see all of my clothing so that I can make use of it all.  Only a man would have this little clothing. 

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