Thursday, November 17, 2011

Private Manhattan

My office is located in the Chanin Building across the street from Grand Cental Station and caddy corner to the Chrysler building.  It's a busy commute and the incessant droves of people don't seem to let up even when I reach my floor.  The constant barrage of coworkers in the kitchen and break room leave me without a single moment of peace.  Despite my desire to live south of 14th street, on hectic days it's a pleasure to return to my peaceful block on the edge of the Upper East Side.

So many parts of Manhattan are so trampled upon that I often find myself desirous of a special nook to call my own.  I envy Washington Mews, Sniffen Court, and Pomander Walk dwellers.  In the past I've always said I'd like a Classic 6 where the doorman sends you straight up so you don't need a key.  Truthfully, I never adapted to my last doorman building and the lack of privacy it entailed.  Give me a key to Gramercy Park or a gated street and I'll never complain again.  Or at least, not as much.     

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