Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Forever Young

When my friend M came to visit last month, she commented that I never age. This is a comment I get from southern friends a lot and I never feel like spilling my secrets. Well today I have finally decided to spill. One major thing I do not do, is get consistent sleep and my youthful look is definitely NOT genetic. I do the regular things like always wear sunscreen, sunglasses, moisturize, and take vitamins. But here are the things that really distinguish me from my aging friends.

5. I don't have children. I want them more than an Hermes Kelly, but I don't have them.

4. I have never taken work home with me. Law school was immensely stressful and I'm positive it will be responsible for taking many years off my life. Aside from that, I have never consistently worked long hours. When I had sensitive accounts as an accountant in the music industry, or when I have held clients' financial well beings in my hands, I have always kept a clock in/clock out mentality. I work to live, something I learned from my parents, and not very New Yorkerish of me. Compartmentalizing is key.

3. Diet. I eat at pint or more of blueberries at least twice a week. Blueberries are so cheap these days and I have convinced myself that they are the perfect food. I don't eat any meat at all. I'm not vegan, but I only drink rice milk. The number one vice keeping me from looking my best is cheese. I also stick to whole grains. The key here is that my parents raised me on whole grains, and to abstain from meat, coffee and alcohol. It is sticking to these things consistently rather than adopting them as an adult that makes all the difference in my opinion.

2. Something terribly sad happened to me last night so today I watched Chris Rock being interviewed on Inside the Actor's Studio. I make sure I watch or read something funny at least 6 days a week. Laughter is the best medicine. People who smile more live longer. There are very few comedians who can make me laugh. It is a short list: Kathy Griffin, Chris Rock, Dave Chapelle, Bill Cosby, Eddie Murphy and Carol Burnett. That's it! I watched the Hangover and didn't laugh one time. I have high standards. I watch Modern Family, The Office, and Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List. I read the Boondocks and Fox Trot. It helps.

1. This is the most important of all. I didn't start wearing makeup until a few years ago. I never ever go out in the sun in makeup.

Now you know.

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