Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My very good friend J asked me to be her bridal assistant for her LA wedding coming up on April 3. She seemed sheepish about asking me, but I was so honored and excited. I figure I get to hang out with her on the most important day of her life, rather than get the 30 seconds everyone else will get. Plus I don't have to spend the $300 on dress and alterations inevitable if I'd been in the wedding party. She and the groom are only having one attendant each, their sisters. I think that's sweet.

So I was looking into things that a bridal assistant should carry around and I sure wouldn't have thought of it all on my own, (Brush/comb, Cell phone, Dental floss (for all those photos!), Emery board, Extra panty hose, Hair spray, Handkerchief, Makeup, Mints, Mirror, Legal documents, contact solution, bobby pins, scissors, needle and thread, and safety pins. There's more but my arms can only carry so much. I don't think most people would be so excited about this job. Perhaps I chose the wrong career.

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