Wednesday, February 9, 2011

To Do List

I really need to get out more. While the weather has been great for my reading and movie life, it has really taken a toll on my social life.

Better Being Underground
An underground lunch spot that's only open from 12pm to 4pm.

The Blind Barber
A barbershop/lounge in the East Village.

Once Upon a Tart
Yummy looking tarts in the West Village.

Death and Co
Speakeasy with a truffle mac&cheese.

I also want to go back here:
Stuffed Artisan Cannolis
I consider myself something of a cannoli connoisseur. My friend J and I stumbled upon this place last summer when I was living on the Lower East Side and we were on the wait list for the Clinton Street Bakery. Mint Chocolate Chip cannoli = bliss.

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