Sunday, October 24, 2010

Friend Divorce

Last night I went to a superhero/villain party dressed as Wonder Woman. I had never been to American Apparel before Friday evening, but I must say it was a great experience. I walked in and told them I wanted to be Wonder Woman. They found me a gold headband, red knee socks, blue shorts, and a red tank top in a couple minutes. I don't think I will be going back until maybe next year around this time, but I was certainly impressed.

My childhood best friend M called this morning and told me how she has to divorce yet another friend. Her friend L came for the weekend and spent the majority of the time making catty remarks. At one point L kicked her puppy. M thinks I should divorce my other friend M. My other friend M has several men in her life that treat me like garbage and she does not care. I don't want a divorce, but it's starting to seem inevitable.

Halloween is coming and I am so excited for my costume. I cannot wait.

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molecularshyness said...

kicked her puppy?!?! that's crazy! awful.

and if you have a toxic friend...sometimes you do have to make a break. it sucks. but there it is.