Thursday, December 10, 2009


So this weekend I had dinner with a few friends from law school. I love that I've seen so many people from law school here in the city without having to go back to MinneSNOWta. Law school seems like a million years ago. My life has changed so dramatically this year. For starters, I decided that I need to try more new things.

I tried caviar for the first time on Thanksgiving. For some reason I've always thought that I can't eat caviar because I'm a vegetarian. I don't know why because I'm not vegan, and they're just eggs. They were a bit salty for me. I think I am becoming more open minded lately. I have always hated any sort of Latin music due to my inability to dance to it. Well I went to a Brazilian place called SOBs in Tribeca this weekend for a friend's birthday party and I totally got into it. They did Samba lessons and although I was pathetic, at least I tried.

Last night was quite an adventure. I met up with a couple friends at the Plaza Hotel to listen to some jazz. I can't believe that it was my first time inside The Plaza as long as I've lived here. I'm so glad I went at Christmas time because the decorations were beautiful. Fortunately, it turned out to be a jazz singer and not instrumental jazz music which is just not something I can get behind as more than background music. There was this girl there last night who I knew I recognized from some reality show but I just couldn't place her. I hate it when that happens. Well my friend M told me today that her name is Daniella and I now I remember. She was the judge's pick on Bravo's The Fashion Show. I didn't remember which reality show she was from, but I had remembered that I didn't like her. After the jazz, we were supposed to go to some bar in midtown. lame. But when we went to find my friend L's car, it was no where to be found. It was towed to the New York pound. So I'd only been planning to try out one new place last night: The Plaza. But, in fact I got to spend a couple hours at the Manhattan impound lot at Pier 38. There were lots of out-of-towners. (including two guys in cowboy hats, cowboy boots & silver suits). Thank God I don't have a car. I could never afford it. Despite how it sounds my night turned out to be super fun. We went out after and ate breakfast in Carroll Gardens.

I love Christmas time. It's so festive everywhere.

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