Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Today I went to get alterations on my bridesmaid dress for M's wedding. Whenever I go to the tailor I am always nervous that the curtain is going to open. In the city it's even worse because you're a couple feet away from pedestrians walking down the street. Well much to my dismay, the very nice tailor decided to unzip the back of my dress with the curtain open right in front of the window. The dress fell off.

All the news shows are going crazy over the swine flew. I am a hypochondriac so this is no good for me. I stopped watching the news. Well today Oprah had Dr. Oz on talking about flesh eating bacteria and MRSA (staph) infections. I feel sick. Are they trying to make me totally insane? This brings me to the subject of the New York Kiss. Every week at my church people stand up to welcome each other. Well here in the city everybody wants to do this kiss on the cheek thing. It's gross. I don't want 20 people's mouths all over my cheeks (and what often gets dangerously close to my mouth). yuck. I'm not sure if it's a southern thing or what, but I prefer to hug. I know a hug can be more intimate, but it's much cleaner IMHO.

I'm not contemplating staying home from church or anything, but I am thinking no more kissing. I'm just gonna have to be up front about it with people. No kissing.

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